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C.I.Backlinks Plugin

Despite Panda and Penguin rocking the boat (and changing the rules), links, and what they say about the pages they link to, are still important.

There are two main categories of inbound links:

  1. External links that come in from other websites to your pages,
  2. Internal links that exist on your site, and link to other pages on the same site.

All webmasters and SEOs realise the importance of the first category of links, but how many really understand the importance of internal links?

Sure, they help your visitors find their way around your website.  Sure they help the search engines find all of your content. But did you know that internal linking can also help your pages rank better?  It sounds obvious, and it should be!

In an experiment on ezSEONews, Dr. Andy Williams ran an experiment to see if internal linking alone could improve the rank of his website.  You can read the full report here, but to summarize, this is what he found:

  1. He picked one key phrase (and several secondary phrases) that he wanted his site to rank for.  His site was ranked between #190 – #200 in Google for the key phrase.
  2. He analyzed the internal links to his homepage and found only three different anchor texts were used to the homepage.  They were the site’s name, “Home”, “Andy”.  There were no anchor texts containing any of the phrases he wanted to rank for.
  3. Using our C.I. Backlinks plugin, he modified the internal linking on his site to include 4 different keyword rich anchor texts (in a total of 9 links). These anchor texts did not exactly match the phrases he wanted to rank for, but did include the main words that made up those phrases.  After this change, the site jumped from #190 to #115 in Google, and then up to #69 in Google, before dropping back to around #100.
  4. Andy then made a few more internal linking changes, so that there were now 8 different anchor texts pointing at his homepage, in a total of 17 links.  His rankings went up within days, so that his site was then ranking between #50 and #60.
  5. Andy then went back and added a few more internal links to his homepage, using C.I. Backlinks.  His page climbed to #16 in Google for the key phrase.
  6. His homepage also rose in the rankings for the secondary phrases he was testing.
    • The first went from not being in the top 200, to #60.
    • The second went from not in the top 200 to #22.
    • The third went from not in the top 200 to #20.

Andy now uses CI Backlinks on all of his websites and recommends it to all of his students!

C.I. Backlinks is an automated internal linking plugin for WordPress.

Now, I know what you are thinking.

With Google Panda, and then Penguin, you’re a little concerned about using an automated plugins that takes over full control over internal linking.  That’s absolutely true.  100% automated tools are a quick way to ranking hell.

Well, sleep easy.

We developed C.I.Backlinks in collaboration with Andy Williams.  Our primary goal was to create a plugin that would enhance the SEO of a web site, giving visitors a better experience, giving search engines what they want, and improving the rankings of the site.

This plugin has been in development for over a year, and had extensive testing on dozens of sites owned by Andy and his students.  Used properly, this plugin has been responsible for a lot of improved search rankings.  The best bit is that while automated, you have total control in setting up how your content is inter-linked.

Features include:

  • Define phrases that you want hyperlinked to a specific URL.
  • Chosen phrases can be ordered according to importance, so important phrases can be linked preferentially if they exist on a page.
  • Include a title attribute in your links if you want.
  • For any group of phrases that could potentially link to a URL, you can limit how many of them will actually be linked to that URL if multiple phrases are found on a web page.  E.g. Select 1 to only link the first (and most important) phrase to the URL.
  • Limit how many times a URL can be linked to from any given page.  For example, if you want a maximum of 1 link to a URL from a page, you can set that, and know that you won’t be getting multiple links from one page to a single URL.
  • Allow/disallow pages to link to themselves.
  • Allow/disallow links to be generated in headings.
  • Make link anchor text case sensitive/insensitive.  This defines whether a phrase will be used in a hyperlink depending on the case of the phrase in the post.
  • Make links nofollow if you want.  This is very useful for linking to other sites and affiliate products.  E.g. You might like all instances of a certain phrase to link to an affiliate program (rather than another page on your site) and it makes good SEO sense to make these nofollow.  CI Backlinks allows you to do this.
  • Exclude certain posts (or pages) from the internal linking system, effectively preventing any internal links from being generated on them.
  • Full phrase matching, so you won’t get things like red widgets, where a phrase has been hyperlinked in the middle of a longer phrase.
  • Define a class for your internal links if you want.  This would allow you to play with the CSS of generated links.


C.I. Backlink Licenses

Special Offer – Internal Link Analysis tool

As C.I. Backlinks was being developed and tested, Andy Williams was creating his own tool to analyze the internal linking on his test sites.  Amongst other things, this allowed him to see what anchor texts were being used in internal links to every URL on his site.  He developed his tool in tandem to C.I. Backlinks.  The two were designed to work together.

Andy’s Internal Link Analysis tool costs $37, but for anyone buying C.I. Backlinks, we have a special link where you can buy it for just $27.   After purchasing C.I. Backlinks, login to the download area where you can download the plugin, learn more about the Internal Link Analysis tool, and access our special discount link.

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